What To Do When Death Occurs

When it comes to handling a bereavement, we understand that many people may not know what to expect whilst going through the funeral arrangements process. Our aim is to ensure we provide support, guidance and a compassionate service to make the process that little bit easier. 


If your loved one passes away expectedly at home, the first thing to do is contact their doctor. The doctor will need to attend to verify the death. This must be done before contacting your chosen funeral directors. Often, in end of life, nurses are available and will verify the death on behalf of the Doctor. Once death has been verified, please contact us and our team will be here to assist and guide you through the next steps. The usual doctor who has cared for your loved one will then need to complete the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. This will usually be completed at the surgery and then emailed across to the registrar. Once complete, you then need to book an appointment with the registrar in the sub- district of which the death occurred. This is where you will obtain your official death certificates and your ‘Green Certificate’. The Green Certificate needs to be given to your chosen funeral director as soon as possible. Funeral Arrangements can then be made at our Newport Funeral Home, or in the comfort of your own home.


If your loved one passes away unexpectedly then the process of what to do next is slightly different. The death will be referred to the HM Coroner who will have full control over paperwork and the release of your loved one into our care. Your loved one will remain at the local hospital where a post-mortem may be necessary. The coroner’s office will be in contact with you to inform you on what is to happen next. In this case there will NOT be a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death certificate issued.

At Hospital

If your loved one has passed away expectedly in hospital, you will need to firstly contact your chosen funeral directors and inform them of the death. We as funeral directors are not permitted to bringing your loved one into our care until we have the ‘Green Certificate’. To obtain the Green Certificate and your official death certificates, you need to register the death in the sub-district of which the death occurred. This is usually completed at the registry office in the sub district of which the death occurred.

At a Nursing or Residential Home

If your loved one has passed away expectedly in a Nursing Home or Hospice, then the nursing staff will ask you to choose a funeral director. If we are your chosen funeral directors, then the staff there will call us to inform us of your loved ones passing. We will then bring your loved one into our care one verification or certification has been completed by the Nurses or Doctor’s. If you are not still with your loved one when we get there, then a call will be made to the next of kin to inform you of the next steps and to say that your loved one is safe and in our chapel of rest. The usual GP will then complete the Medical Cause of Death Certificate and forward this to the Registrar. Once complete, you can then call the registrar to book an appointment to register the death. At the registration appointment, you will be given your official death certificates and the ‘Green Certificate’ will be emailed to us.

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