Unattended Funeral

What Is An Unattended Funeral? And What Does It Include?

An unattended funeral is when a family wishes to not attend a funeral, for many a reasons. There is usually no minister or celebrant conducting on an Unattended Funeral, however, we as a company still believe in offering a dignified service regardless of the type of service. Typically, we would transport your loved one to your the crematorium or cemetery, whilst still maintaining a dignified farewell and Our staff will spend a few moments with your loved one before letting them rest in eternal peace.


Here’s What’s Included In An Unattended Funeral Service:

Collection of Your Loved One
Suitable Standard Light Oak Veneered Coffin Supplied
All Cremation/Burial Paperwork Adhered To
Time & Date Arranged By FD
Suitable Vehicle Supplied for Transportation to Crematorium or Cemetery
Cremated Remains collected by FD and Brought back to Funeral Home


Including Disbursements & All Fees

For Any Enquiries, Please Contact us on 0xxx xxxxx ,
Alternatively Email Us at info@liamstaffordfuneraldirectors.co.uk & One of Our Dedicated Members of Staff Will Be Happy to Assist You With Any Queries.

‘We Are With You, Every Step Of The Way’.

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